Would You Pay $88 for Custom Shoes?

What if Zooey Deschanel wore them, then would you pay $88 for custom shoes? Hmm? Any little Zooeys out there?

CHROMATICgallerie offers a custom shoe experience for only $88, and the level of control you have over your shoes is pretty high! You can adjust the width, the height of the heel, the color, and the fabric but not the toe shape or general design of the shoe. There are several available colors and fabrics, including faux fur. Mostly I think they just have many, many different variations of the same shoe – but a “custom” shoe? I’m unsure. I wanted black faux fur and “there were no products available.” Needless to say, I wouldn’t mind a 3″ suede, round-toe pump (that will last me forever and be comfortable) for only $88.

Would you pay $88 for this “custom shoe?”

  • sounds like a rather good deal to me :D

  • I think its rather a question of whether you prefer quality or quantity, i mean you can either buy 1 quality pair of shoes that would fit you perfectly or you can buy two(or even three) that may not fit perfectly.

    Personally i would go with quality.

    Thank you,

  • MelodyJ

    $88 is not bad for custom. Classic shoes in any color and size is very practical.