WYW: How Busy Will You Get?

I am a busy kid. Running a business from home sounds like a a dream come true for any office-dwelling, cubicle-face – but it’s really not as Walk In The Park as you might think. (Though, after that rush of endorphins from writing two sentences, I do think I’ll go have a little walk in the park! After all, I can! AHAHAHA!)

But really, knowing that everything you’re surrounded with could be gone if you don’t stay on top of your game 150% of the time… now that’s motivation. There are other fabulous motivators, too… Like my lunch hour, which becomes two hours if there’s an America’s Next Top Model marathon (Wednesdays, cough), or my lack of shame on my third or fourth coffee of the day.

But most of all, the biggest advantage is my dress code. I can wear whatever I want, from pajamas to ball gowns (were I to own any, which someday I will, damnit).

But busy and free-spirited in the dressing room can sometimes… go awry.

This is conflicting.

At B&B, we call this a “trend clusterf*ck” for reasons that may or may not be obvious to you.

  • Lace
  • Damask
  • Chains
  • Ovary florals
  • Fishnet?

Now, if all of these things were presented in their traditional materials, i.e. silk lace and actual chains with brocade damask fabric – it would still be too intense for me, but it might be more museum-quality, if you get my drift.

This “baroque tapestry” dress is on sale at TopShop and is already sold out in a size 10. SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE is buying this. Who are you, mystery diva? And how do you wear something like this without looking… overstimulating?

Would you wear: insanely busy prints?

Probably watching Netflix.

One thought on “WYW: How Busy Will You Get?

  • October 3, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    My friend actually just bought this dress. I’m not a fan of such wild prints but since she didn’t ask my opinion, I didn’t volunteer it. I tried to tell her to wear heels but she will wear with booties.

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