WYW: Body Chains

Hearing the phrase “body chains” used to call up imagery of Princess Leia and Kate Moss In The 90s, for me… But after seeing this chain cape, I’m starting to wonder if people are starting to appreciate this old-school accessory in a new way.

…but then I see stuff like this and I’m back to Princess Leia but with some female professional wrestler thrown in, with the breast-coverage and whatnot. Maybe there’s just a body chain style for everyone? Because we also have a vintage-Madonna-style body chain, complete with cross.  I really kind of like this almost art deco-looking chain… and I have no f#@%ing idea what this is all about.

You can’t tell if I’m making fun of them or not, right? Me, either.

Would you wear a body chain? (How?)

  • very carefully!

  • Yes. And So would Daenerys Targaryen so DOUBLE YES….>O>

  • Heck yes! I’m no skinny mini so I wear them over clothes to give me a nice waist.