WYW: Christina Ricci’s Watch-y Dress

Last night at the MTv Movie Awards, Christina Ricci wore a “timeless” dress designed by Christian Siriano x Timex. It was short-ish, black, shiny, and only one of her boobs was covered in bedazzled gems & …Timex watches.

I dig watches already (I think gears are pretty cool!) so this dress was pretty exciting upon first glance. I, personally, was hoping that the dress would be longer… and according to Christian Siriano’s source of inspiration, The Portrait of Madame X by John Singer Sargent, I’m 100% right in thinking that would look awesome.

Such a beautiful panting… I particularly love this photos of John Singer Sargent with the painting:

So cool, right?


What do you think of the dress? Would you wear a watch-covered formal dress?

* All the watches on the dress worked!

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  • Louise

    I would wear the shit out of this dress. Omg. It makes me want to buy up a load of old pocket watches and then just sew them on to all of my clothes. Love it!

    • I would die if you DIY’d this!

      • Louise

        I’m doing it! This will be so much fun!!