You Only Need These Three Skirts for Summer (Everything Under $40!)

In my life, at this moment, a great skirt trend is occurring.  My brain has its own fashion week and sartorial anthropology council and everything.  Right now, skirts are kiiiind of a big deal.

Hi-Low Skirt

(Left to right) Planet Gold Chiffon Hilo Skirt, $16.99; Angie Asymmetrical Woven Skirt, $24.99; Planet Gold Chiffon Hilo Skirt, $16.99, Planet Gold Chiffon Hilo Skirt, $16.99

I’m completely nuts over this cut.  I think it’s super flattering while still being really versatile and a little edgy (but mostly really fluid).  As you can see, I think about this semi-frequently.  I love high-low!  What can I say?

PS… They’re also being called “mullet skirts” which apparently makes them cooler?

Maxi Skirt

(From left to right: Old Navy Drawstring Slub Maxi Skirt in Feldspar, $29.94; ModCloth Gradient Works Skirt, $37.99; Old Navy Ruffled Maxi Skirt, $25; Old Navy Jersey Maxi Skirt, $24.94)

You may find yourself becoming moderately dependent upon maxi skirts due to their pants-free nature and tendency to feel exactly like pajamas… And that’s okay, since there are several of them available right now, and they happen to be very en vogue. Yeesh, I’ve never said that phrase before, and I didn’t like it. I don’t think I’ll do it again. Now my mouth tastes like soulless print media, or an Ask E. Jean column.

Jen and I went to Old Navy a few days ago to check on their everything. It’s always such an awesome place to go because the prices are so comforting, and the construction isn’t crappy. We peeked at three out of the four maxi skirts above, and wholly approve! (The patterned one is particularly cute, in person…)

A Flouncy Skirt of Sorts

(Clockwise, from top left: ModCloth On An Escarole Skirt, $34.99; TopShop Pink Ombre Skater Skirt, $36; ModCloth Herb All About It Skirt, $39.99; Old Navy Smocked Chiffon Skirt, $22.50)

Everyone needs a flouncy, vibrant summer skirt that will send some cooling breezes straight to the thighs on a hot summer day. I am heavily drawn to patterned styles lately, while Jen is craving something long, and solid-colored to augment her summer wardrobe. Whatever happens – let it be girlish, somewhat voluminous, and totally fun. Pair it with boots, sandals, sneakers, sweatshirts, sheer tanks, a bathing suit… Whatever! As flouncy as your judgement during a summer fling, that’s all that matters.

Probably watching Netflix.

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