4 Cute Frames for Less Than $10

So often, small frames – suitable for desks and shelf-space – come in the most unappealing styles. You’d think, because the size of photo they accomodate is the size that the vast majority of personal film cameras produce – they’d be at all attractive. Most often, they are boring, too cheap, or too meh to spend money on, so those photos that you’ve either printed out or painstakingly taken to the drug store for developing… never get framed. Sad times.

Here are four frames that are neither ugly, or expensive. They’re each under $10 and are the perfect accent in a well-curated space.

4 Designer Photo Frames under $10

Clockwise from top left:

Distressed 4×6 frame, $9.99
Red Floral 4×6 frame, $7.20
Tizo Vintage Narrow Rope 4×6 Frame, $9.99
Blue Floral 4×6 Frame, $7.20

If you’re into design-y fames, then you will appreciate the colorful, nature-themed frames above. I couldn’t resist their, uh, whimsy I guess.