4 Funky Fall/Winter Coats from ModCloth

I could probably write a thousand posts that include “4 Funky _____ from ModCloth” because funky is pretty much all they do. Coats are an exciting branch of funky because, in the fall & winter, they are 80% of what you wear. Any time you go outside – even for a garbage run – it’s coat time. Grocery store, coat time. Forget something in your car? Coat time. Meeting friends for drinks… coat time.

So coats, for me, are pushed up the priority list in terms of what needs to be exciting and interesting in my closet. The expectations of a winter coat far outweigh the criteria for a great summer jacket. First of all, one is a coat and one is a jacket. Jackets don’t have to deal with harsh elements like coats do. That’s a pretty big difference. Sometimes it’s hard to get the same level of interesting in a coat as you can in a jacket. Most of the time, coats are just bulk poundage of wool, tweed, and/or other heavy fibers – it’s hard to make that exciting.

ModCloth and their unique eye for weird fashion ideas comes to the rescue, here, bigtime.

ModCloth MainSail Event Coat

Mainsail Event Coat, $89.99

I love the colors on this, and when the coat is closed, it looks very sleek and mod-like. I’m a total sucker for that collar, too. I feel like details around a collarless collar draw attention towards your face which is always a good thing.

 ModCloth State Of The Art Show-Jacket

State of the Art Show Jacket, $72.99

Maybe it’s the Dad’s sweatshirt from the 70s nostalgia, but this pattern is really comforting and pleasant, for me. Plus, I love the collar and oversized, drapey lapels. It’s like an outside-appropriate bathrobe!

ModCloth Just What You Tweed Coat

Just What You Tweed Coat, $84.99

I shouldn’t really have to tell you why this coat is awesome, but I will do it anyway. The collar, first of all, is not a collar it’s a hood. Not only rad-looking and face-framing, but helpful at hiding from the elements. Also, yellow!

ModCloth Taste for Travel Coat

Taste For Travel Coat, $62.99

Oversized herringbone or weird chevrons – whatever you want to call it, it’s an awesome pattern for a short peacoat. The detailed bell sleeves are pretty magnetic, as well. And, yes, that is faux leather trim on the pockets and panels on the shoulders!

ModCloth has about 1.5 million more coats in their expanding-daily inventory, but these are the four that stood out to me as being really versatile but also really interesting and unexpected. Leave your favorite in the comments, if you spotted one not listed here!

  • Shelley Johnson

    What a great bundle of bundle-ups!