80/20’s End Of Winter Sale

80%20 is having an “end of winter” clearance sale. Isn’t that cute? “End of winter.” As if we don’t have two more months of sub-open-toe temperatures and damnit I’m not leaving this season before it snows in the Pacific Northwest!

YOu may recognize 80%20 as the shoe line with the hidden wedges – they’re growing in popularity! I have one pair of shoes by this brand and it’s honestly one of the most comfortable pair of heels I’ve ever owned. (Mine are flaming orange, patent-leather mary-janes!)

80%20 wedges

80%20 Quimby Wedges, $42

80%20 is not a brand for the shy – almost all of their styles are eye-catching and unique enough to start solicit conversation with strangers – I speak from experience.  The sale contains shoes of varying heights and styles, all between $25 and $60 – boots, too! Here is a selection from the sale:

80%20 Tessa Wedges

80%20 Tessa Wedges, $25
80%20 Eliotte Wedge, $37

80%20 Callie Boot

 80%20 Callie Boot, $47

80%20 Quimby Wedges Neon Blue

 80%20 Quimby Wedge, Neon Blue, $40

 80%20 Mag Platforms

80%20 Mag Flatform Wedges, $40

My favorites from the sale have to be the Adair boots from the top of this post! Drool.


Probably watching Netflix.

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