9 Spike-Laden Hair Accessories

Obviously, my affinity for tough accessories knows now bounds. Maybe it was that goth-y damask necklace I got recently… but I’m all up in the accessories world now. I want everything! Even my hair, which/who I am constantly at odds with, wants to have jewelry in it. Specifically, spikes.

9 Spiked Hair Accessories

Liberty Spike Headband

Super Stone Spike Headband, $12.73

Tiny, dainty Liberty Spikes for your pretty noggin!


 Spiked Ponytail Holders, $6

I might be picking these up – I use hair bands like these every single day! (Well, not like these – but I do use hairbands more than the average person probably does.) Adding some violence to my daily ‘do sounds like it’s worth a $6 investment.

Spiked Barette Clips

Metal Spike Clips, $6

These remind me of those clips that you used to hold in hot rollers! I love them.

ASOS Gold Spike Hair Crown

ASOS Gold Spike Hair Crown, $16.97

I’m not sure if you’ll see me wearing this at the grocery store, but I’m not ruling it out. (Crown… ruling… eh? Eh?)

Gold Spike Headband

Spike and Cord Alice Headband, $8

Nice, simple, and full o’ gold. There are chains weaving between each spike on this one!

Spike Ponytail Elastic

Chase Spike Hair Tie, $15

For the girl who is tired of all this namby-pamby spike use, and just wants to cut to the chase.


ASOS Spiked Headband, $16.97

…Or if you prefer a non-head-smashing-migraine-creating-life-ruining style headband, there’s this!


Sarah Spike Cluster Hair Slides, $8

These were my inspiration for this post! I came across these “hair slides” (fancy bobby pins) via Pinterest, and before I knew it, I was digging through store inventories dead-set on finding every last spiked out hair accessory ever.

Spike Combs

Spike Hair Combs (2 pack), $8

I thought these looked somewhat unremarkable until I found a similar product on ASOS, and the way the model is wearing it is absolutely adorable! The one on ASOS is a bit more expensive, but looks just like these!

Would you wear spikes in your hair?

Probably watching Netflix.