All Rolled Up: A Super-Stylish Messenger Bag Under $40

Recently, the internet has been all a-buzz about something called a “paper bag.” I know, it could mean one million things, but in this specific case, I’m pretty sure it’s referring to the almost-$300 bag that Jil Sander put down the runway last year.

…which was literally a handbag that looked like a paper bag.

Unfortuantely, I’m not a purveyor of ironic fashion. Thus, I do not see why anyone in their right damn mind would pay $300 for a waxed paper bag. That being said, I am a fan of creative fashion ideas, and there’s something to be said about the “paper bag” idea, in general.

I like where ZARA took the paper bag idea a little bit more.

ZARA Paper Bag Messenger Bag

Despite the color similarities, this Basic Messenger Bag for $35.90 looks less like an actual paper bag – an improvement.

The best part is that you have other colors to play with:

ZARA Paper Bag Messenger Bag in Two-ToneBasic Messenger Bag in Two-Tone

ZARA Paper Bag Messenger Bag in BlackBasic Messenger Bag in Black

And my favorite part… it’s a messenger-bag! It comes with a long strap so you can use it as a cross-body or shoulder bag. (This bag is 12 in. wide, 7 in. tall, and 4 in. deep.)

ZARA Paper bag Messenger Bags, $35.90Grab this bag before the class bully steals it from you.

ZARA Basic Messenger Bag, $35.90