B&B goes to NYC for a boohoo Takeover!

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to The Big Apple (I hate that phrase and I hate that I used it) to be introduced to boohoo.com, a UK brand that was planning on taking over the USA with their super-affordable, hyper-trendy fashion.

boohoo is originally from the UK, but they’ve starting making their way around the world in true takeover fashion. They’ve finally come to the US.


Custom graffiti on the boohoo showroom wall.

The first stop was the boohoo showroom, located… somewhere. (Come on, it was my first time and it was for 2 days – I can’t even remember my age most of the time, give me a break.)

boohoo Showroom

boohoo Showroom

Racks and racks of pieces from their many collections – including Global, a California-inspired collection, Boohoo Boutique (very classy and beautiful), Urban Explorer, and 90s Revolution.

I ran to these jeans:

Navy Striped Jeans from boohoo

(Similar here.)

It was similar if not exactly like being in paradise. Not any showroom would be paradise for me, mind you. I went into some pretty swank stores when I was in New York City, and the sheer sticker shock from each piece was nearly paralyzing. In boohoo’s showroom – such was not the case. I was seeing amazing clothes for prices that are sale prices at some of the stores I shop at. Let me tell you: that’s a good feeling.

Other boohoo showroom highlights:

boohoo Showroom Mannequin

For instance: the 8-Bit Sunglasses pictures above? $16. The rose-rimmed sunglasses? $20, and they come in three colors. The floral boots? $70, in taupe. The gold, pyramid spike cuff is a measly $16. Do you understand what I mean about “paradise” now?

As if that wasn’t enough, then they made me go to a very fancy party where I got to see all of these clothes on beautiful girls. And also drink. (I do love an open bar.)

Hacienda Party Fashion Presentation

boohoo Hacienda Party Fashion Presentation

Sure, they look non-plussed and disinterested 80% of the time, but they’re so pretty.

There were approximately 5098273 well-dressed people at this event, and I spent a large portion of the evening taking photographs of the floor. Namely, people’s shoes.

See all the neon? This party may very well be what kicked off my neon obsession.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve been on boohoo.com almost weekly. Their inventory moves fast, so staying up to date is a little bit harder, but well worth the effort! (Thank goodness for their email list, no work necessary!) They’re so up-to-date on the super trendy side of fashion that you may even see something in stock that you’ve never heard of – it’s happened to me, twice.

Thanks to my frequent sweeps, I’ve developed quite the wish list.

Here are some boohoo pieces I’m loving right now!

You can also see the rest of the photos from my trip (including the swanky party) on Broke & Beautiful’s Facebook page.

boohoo's Neon Autograph Wall!

Have you shopped at Boohoo.com? What was your experience like?

Probably watching Netflix.