Blazers that bite back

I only recently drank the blazer kool-aid when I bought a loose, black blazer (no longer available) from Lauren Conrad’s Kohl’s collection and ended up wearing it 6 days in a row. Before that, I felt blazers would always make me look like I was a) 10 years older and b) on my way to meet with my accountant. Or worse, be the accountant. 

Blazers can definitely be overly structured, if you ask me. Sometimes, you just want to wear something comfortable and loose that isn’t covered in darts and foam. You need a rebellious blazer. A blazer that gives no fucks about where you’re supposed to be “nipped” or “pointy.”

…That being said, you are going to have to go to work so you have you, you know, keep it under control. Let’s not get too crazy. But let’s do get a little crazy. Here are…

8 Blazers with Sassy Things To Say ($50 & Under)

ASOS Petite Bold Blazers


ASOS Petite Blazer with Metallic Sheen, $30.52; ASOS Petite Blazer with Contrast Lapel, $33,91

As you can see from the photos, these are both petite blazers for petite ladies (or gentlemen) who want to have something other than “what’s available at [department/big box store]” in their closet. ASOS has a fantastic petite line, and these blazers are only the tip of the iceberg.

Bold Jackets from @Kohls


 LC Lauren Conrad Velvet Tuxedo Jacket, $14.80; Rock & Republic Sateen Blazer, $16

Kohl’s is amazing for budget opportunities, like these two jackets from designer collaboration lines marked down below $20 each! As I said earlier, I can attest to LC Lauren Conrad‘s quality & fit – it’s spot on!

Piperlime Edgy Blazers under $50


Tinley Road Cropped Blazer, $49.99; Sabine Sequin Blazer, $49.97

When I was in the Piperlime store last week in New York City, it dawned on me…. they sell clothes. I always think of them as a shoe depot, but they carry really great brands and their sales are just as good as ASOS or Kohl’s! Both of these credible brands are marked down $20 and $60, respectively!

Boohoo Studded Blazers


Leighton Studded Blazer in Camel, $40; Francesca Stud Shoulder Peplum Blazer, $50

It’s so nice to get some softer colors up in here! Combining studs and spikes with muted tones really brings the aggressive side of a jacket like this back down to earth. It forces you to take yourself a little less seriously – especially with a peplum. Spikes and a peplum? Come on, obviously you’re too fabulous for a serious attitude. You have a ruffle hovering over your ass.

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How do you wear blazers?