Cheapskate “Investment” Pieces: Fall Basics

I’ll admit that every so often, I get a craving to just spend a lot of money. Of course, “a lot” for me is like $100 on one item, so that’s ultimately what I consider an “investment piece.” I most frequently see this phrase in conjunction with $2,000 jackets or $1,500 handbags, but my brain doesn’t know how to process that reality, so I just decided that they probably meant that investment pieces are around $100 an item, and I’m rolling with it.

There is a catch to my desired recklessness, though. If I’m going to spend $100 on something, it had better be worth at least three times what I pay for it, otherwise I’ll feel like I’m wasting my money. (Yes, this is really how I live my life.) So whatever that hundy gets thrown at really needs to be on an ultra-sale, otherwise there’s no way I’m pulling the trigger.

The sale sections of top stores are still a pretty mixed bag of summer rejects and early fall rejects, but after a while of digging for the best pieces with the highest percentage of discount, I ended up finding quite a few good fall basics that will last you several years, thanks to their basic-y-ness and the higher quality of construction.

Designer Fashion over 40%, under $100

Clockwise from top left:
T by Alexander Wang Draped Sateen Top, $90 (was $185)
Diane Von Furstenberg Larissa Silk Top, $90 (was $200)
Thakoon Addition Button Back Sweater, $90 (was $300)
Fashionology Skull Ring, $80.93 (was $183.32)
Duffy Yellow Striped Cashmere Sweater, $99 (was $225)
Elizabeth & James Leather Sleeve Knit Sweater, $99 (was $325)

Surprisingly, there were lots of great sweaters, and interesting but versatile tops from really respectable designers!

When it comes to sale sections, though, I always beeline for… the shoes.

 Designer Shoes On Sale

Top Row L-R: 
Elizabeth & James Harly Wedges, $89.99 (were $295) Sad! These sold out.
Pierre Darre Cobalt Heels, $75 (were $159)
KG Kurt Geiger Brisbon Patent Pump, $89.94 (were $185)
Bottom Row L-R:
Schutz Shauna Heels, $79.97 (were $175)
Anne Klein Lionna Boots, $76.99 (were $169)
Dr. Martens Louise 14-Tie Boots, $85 (were $170)

Bright blue suede peep-toe pumps aren’t a basic for you? That’s okay. This is but a tiny sampling of what’s out there, lurking in sale sections right now. Considering we’re in the middle of a seasonal transition, there is a pretty sexy amount of fall-applicable stuff here!

How expensive does something have to be for you to consider it an “investment piece?”