Color Obsession: Violet

Lately, I’ve been gravitating towards purple. I love just about every purple from lavender to violet, but it’s the nearly-black hues that I salivate over. Something about that “black but not really” vibe makes me feel sneaky, which I like.

As you can see, violet is great at making you look a) mysterious, b) badass, c) feminine but not in a cloying way. Additionally, you should probably wear sunglasses when you wear it.

Fortunately, fall is coming, and we can watch the “NEWFLASH: Jewel tones are in for fall!” mayhem erupt. Along with it, though, will be the flood of affordable, cozy, and oh-so-amethyst inventory to hit the shelves.

There was a bit of it on the runways for Fall 2013 – jewel tones dominated, shocking. But the executions are pretty exciting!

Violet & Purple on Fall 2013 Fashion Runways

Lots of very regal-looking attire, right? Not exactly workable for the every day wardrobe, but it’s definitely inspirational!

Here’s what I dug up – everything is under $100!

Obsession Over Purple/Violet Fashion

1. Converse One Star Short Sleeve High Low Top, $22.99
2. RumbaTime Orchard Gem Watch, $45
3.  nOir Barbados Ring, $30.95
4. MKL Accessories Showtime Glasses, $9.95
5. Mossimo Printed High Low Tee, $19.99
6. Dorothy Perkins Lace Trim Slub Top, $21
7. Dorothy Perkins Floral Dress, $29
8. Dorothy Perkins Lace Puff Bubble Tee, $28

Purple Obsession: Violet Fashion & Accessories

9. Mossimo Pleated Skirt, $19.99
10. Gabriella Rocha Houghton Boots, $29.99
11. H&M Sleeveless Satin Dress, $34.95
12. Mossimo Ponte Peplum Skirt, $19.99
13. Puma Glyde Court Hi-Top Sneakers, $64.95

Violet & Purple Clothes

14. Beloved Lace Biker Jacket, $61.54
15. RSQ Miami Jeggings, $39.99
16. Mimi Chica Peplum Top, $42
17. Bluebella Alexa Set; Top, $43.88 & Bottoms, $27

How do you feel about purple & violet? How do you like to wear it?