Color Study: Mint

My longtime love affair with mint is seeing a spike in lust activity thanks to the fashion industry. Everything everywhere is mint! I will surely hate mint by the time this is all said & done with, but for now, I’m reveling in it. I can’t remember when my pastel obsession clearly started. It was long ago, and it was never an overlying obsession – just one that kind of sat around in the back. Mint green with dark red is still one of my favorite combination. That is to say, this trend is not new, which kind of makes it “not a trend,” to me. Case in point: almost exactly three years ago, I was writing about pastels. And then again 3+ years before that. So, yeah. Not a new thing.  Shamelessly, however, I am about to eat more internet space with some additional offerings to the gods of slightly lighter colors. Please open your books to page Mint Green.

Mint Green Accessories

1. Melie Bianco Elizabeth Satchel (15″ x 5″ x 13″), $69.95 2. Bar III Silver & Mint Spike Necklace, $28 3. Alejandra Hill Handmade Recycled Vinyl Buddha Bracelet, $25 4. Mojo Moxy Creamy Wedge Sandals, $86.67 5. Wet Seal Jelly Neon Glasses, $7.50 6. Rubber Kitty Phone Case, $8.90 7. Gold Tone & Mint Stingray Earrings, $25 8. Mossimo Supply Co. Skull Stud Skinny Belt, $14.99 9. Pleated T-Strap Woven Sandals, $32.50 10. NastyGal Astro Circle Sunglasses, $18


1. Crochet Trim Athletic Shorts, $16.50 2. Merona Skinny Mint Polka Dot Ankle Jeans, $24.99 3. Full Tilt Lace Back Chiffon Top, $15.97 4. Studded Peter Pan Collar Top, $29.50 5. NastyGal Lace Delilah Bralette, $38 6. Dream Big Varsity Jacket, $34.50 7. Dorothy Perkins Asymmetrical Pleated Dress, $55 8. Modcloth Chatter and Chirp Skirt, $84.99 9. Convertible Zip-Front Longline Bra, $12.50

…And because I love round numbers, let’s throw in one independent Etsy designer, just for fun and because supporting independent fashion rules!

Mint Green Bow EarringsMint & Gold Bow Earrings by Neon Love Designs, $15.50

This designer/seller has a ton of minty pieces – check out their shop here.