Daily Deal: A.J. Morgan Zipster Glasses

Oh man, these sunglasses are so sweet, but they are definitely not for the visually shy.

By that, I of course mean, they may make people look at you. Directly. In the face. People you don’t know. Terrifying.

Fortunately, these attention-attracting face-staples double as sunglasses, which we all know effectively hide you from all surrounding gazes. (Shatter this illusion and I will 86 you from this blog so fast.) So, set your worries aside, and fall in love with the Zipster sunglasses from A.J. Morgan.

Zipster Sunglasses in Green by A.J. Morgan

Embossed, green, faux leather. Yummy. So yummy. Plus, those violet lenses are gonna offer you 100% UV protection, and also everything will be violet and you can pretend you live in The Purple Store or a pool of grape-flavored cough syrup. The contrasting rim and the baroque-y curve of the frames make me feel very tingly in the nose bridge.

Zipster Sunglasses in Green by A.J. Morgan

On the off-chance that purple & green is a bit too cool for you, fear not: there are 3 other color combinations for you to swoon over, including some more tame color combinations.

AJ Morgan Zipster Sunglasses

…like brown faux leather and gold! Okay, so maybe “tame” wasn’t the best word choice but come on! When you have sunglasses that are as saucy and swanky as these, tame is pretty much impossible. Give in to the sauce!

Check it out!: AJ Morgan Zipster Sunglasses, $24