Daily Deal: Candy Colored Headphones

I’m really excited that headphones have been getting more design attention lately, because they will likely be a constant in my life, and developing a wide and varied collection of cool headphones is something I can see myself doing. Seems like a sound investment, yeah? Oh yeah. Ohhh yeah
Gem Headphone Earbuds

Earbuds aren’t my favorite, but when you forget your headphones at home on a day you really , really, really need them – any form of personal sound producing object will suffice. If they’re cute, and fit in your purse, unobtrusively, I call that a bonus.

These little packages of candy-colored, non-edible cuteness are only $10 each and, as you can see, come in three different colors. I love that they include alternate cushions for the earbuds, too – that’s my #2 complaint about earbuds: ow! (My #1 complaint is sound quality but I’m not going to nerd out on you about that, don’t worry.)

Check it out!: Gem Earbuds, $10.50 from Aeropostale