Daily Deal: Colorful Maxi Skirts for $16

Whether or not you can have “too many” basics is irrelevant when you’re broke. You can have “too many” a lot of things if it means you spent grocery money buying them. Basics are definitely included in that.

Responsibility aside, if you don’t have a maxi skirt by April 2013, you should really fix that. There’s nothing more comfortable than a jersey maxi skirt when you have to wear clothes, let me tell you. Not to mention they go with nearly everything. (See how I expertly wore a maxi skirt with a silk pajama shirt here. Expertly.)

Boohoo Jersey Maxi Skirt

Yes, that is eleven (11) colors for you to choose from, all made of beautiful, comfortable, stretchy jersey. All for $16 each.

Snag this maxi skirt (or maybe even a couple) from Boohoo for $16!