Daily Deal: Cosmopolitan Trapezoid Flap Tote

Who here likes trapezoids?

I’ve always felt bad for trapezoids. They get such a bad rap – why? No clean corners! They’re wonky, irregular and often asymmetrical. There’s no clean function or formula to make sense of them! Having two parallel sides make them a parallelogram, but compared to a tidy square or a slanty & sleek rhombus, trapezoids are like the mountain-dwelling cousin you pretend not to know.

Does this describe you? Yes? Well, you’re a bad person because trapezoids are beautiful. They do what they want, when they want, how they want.

Cosmopolitan Flap Tote

Look at this bag.

This bag has more confidence than any measly satchel. It excused more security than any silly box clutch. It says, “Whatever, I felt like it!” And also, “pff!” It says “pff” more than it should, probably, but you won’t see it censoring itself! It’s a trapezoid!

…And it’s $50.

Check it out!: Cosmopolitan Diva Trapezoid Tote from JCPenney, $50