Daily Deal: Cut Out Stone Ring

Whether you’re a fan of big bling, or you’re just the type of girl who likes to leave a lasting impression when dick-punching on the dance floor – I think we can all agree that thing ring rules:

Daily Deal: Topshop Cut Out Stone Ring

This would also work in a pinch if you needed to dress up like Joe Montana’s character in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.


The ring is cool, right? I love big, structural jewelry like this, and this one happens to have another quality I quite enjoy in a statement ring: symmetry. It’s chunky, and it’s semi-round, and it doesn’t look like it’d catch on every piece of thread-laden clothing I have.

I’ve been on a major ring kick lately, and I blame the impending change in seasons. I think my body knows that, before I know it, the only things I’m going to be able to show off are the hands peeking out of my jacket and my face. Thus, autumn/winter are the seasons of rings and lipstick.

Bring it on.

Check it out: Topshop Cut Out Stone Ring, $12.50

Probably watching Netflix.