Daily Deal: Embroidered A-Line Dress

When it starts to get humid, I start looking for ways to wear as little clothing as possible without venturing in to “arrest-able offense” territory. This typically means dresses, but not all dresses are created equal.

I mean, I wouldn’t want to be trapped in dress with a peplum and a knee-length pencil skirt – hell no! Too hot for that nonsense. I’m interested in dresses that barely touch you, and simply just hang off your shoulders.

In this case, being adorable and made from mesh is just a bonus.

Daily Deal: Charlotte Russe Embroidered Mesh Dress

I really appreciate the barely-there waist definition on this dress because, without it, this wouldn’t be an option for me – I would look like an embroidered sack of boob-tatoes. Do you see what I mean about it skimming the body, though? It’s barely there, and it’s white. That means that it has magical, sun-reflecting powders (as opposed to black which is all “Come on in, flaming-hot rays of terror! Make yourself at home!” No, thanks.)

Check it out!: Embroidered Mesh A-Line Dress from Charlotte Russe, $14.99 (was $29.99)