Daily Deal: Geometric Scarf Print Dress

Sometimes, I don’t trust my own preferences. I see so many clothes (the good, the bad, and the ‘are you fucking kidding me?’), and I often wonder if I am desensitized to a lot of bad fashion simply due to exposure.

I felt that way this morning when I came across this dress, which I promptly began salivating over.

Geometric Scarf Print Midi-Dress

Questionable, right?! Geometric scarf print midi dress. These are words that I’m not sure I’ve ever liked before. Black & white isn’t a surprising lust-trigger for me, though, and neither is a midi-skirt/dress (they are so hot you guys, seriously just try one). The rest, though… questionable.

I presented the dress to my awesome friends in one of my favorite Facebook groups and asked if I was crazy. Turns out, either my friends have the same horrible taste I do, or this dress is actually pretty damn amazing! We all agreed that midi-dresses are excellent, and look absolutely amazing with mid-calf booties or boots in general (just look at that model – babezilla).

Would you wear this? Do you think my friends and I have lost it?

Check it out!: Geometric Scarf Print Midi-Dress from ASOS, $19.41