Daily Deal: Greenhouse Picnic Boots

Hey, you.

Are you hiding out from the chaos of holiday-fueled family events to surf the net for shopping deals?I’m right there with you. So, today – something extra good to make all that fake smiling and job describing worth your while.

ModCloth Greenhouse PIcnic BootsYou can never have too many boots. This is an epiphany I stumbled upon after acquiring my first pair of flat, engineer-style boots like these. I realized that having too many boots was definitely¬†not a real thing, much less a real problem. The fact that these are today’s Daily Deal should let you know that, yes, these are under $25.

Incidentally, they also have an amazing rear view considering they’re rugged little boots.

Modcloth Buckle Flat BootsThere’s something about buckles that makes me feel awesome. I don’t know if it’s ¬†because I feel like some kind of buccaneer or pirate, but I like it and I want to enable it. The grey is also kind of cool because it’s a less common boot color, not to mentionmy favorite neutral!

Check it out!: Greenhouse Picnic Boots in Scone, $24.99 at ModCloth



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