Daily Deal: H&M+ Twill Pants

It turns out that H&M has a lot of little secrets that it’s been keeping. First, their home decor selections and now, their extended-size line, H&M+.

There is a full line of really beautiful dresses, awesomely cheap basics and it’s all available in sizes 14-24! But today, I’m cruising the sale section, specifically because…

H&M+ Twill Slim Pants

I found this pair of twill skinny pants in the sale section – all sizes available – for $10. That’s nuts! $10 for a pair of burgundy, teal, or black pants that are versatile, flattering, and… $10. I’m a big fan of burgundy, but I keep buying burgundy pants without thinking about it first, and it’s left me in a sticky, wine-colored situation. But, at $10, getting one of each wouldn’t be as scary as it probably ought to be.

H&M+ Twill Slim Pants

Check it out!: Twill Slim Leg Pants, $10 at H&M

Probably watching Netflix.

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