Daily Deal: Hudson Art Deco Diamond Jeans

What is the deal with all of these super-expensive, premium jeans going on crazy sale? It doesn’t make any sense at all. These are fancy brands! Unaccessible! Never supposed to be in my closet solely due to the retail price!

So someone explain to me how these Hudson Jeans are $130 off…?

Hudson Art Deco Diamond Jeans

Not only are they Hudson Jeans – one of the best brands in denim – but they are patterned. Not only are they patterned – they’re deco-y diamond patterned. It’s geometric perfection in a pant, and you can quote me on that.

Hudson Jeans Art Deco Denim

Seriously, these are ridiculously priced. $69? Down from $198? Do you see how many question marks are in this post?

For hardcore Hudson fans, these are Nico cut (super skinny with a bit of stretch, a little high-waisted, 5 pockets, ankle-length), and if you read the link above you know that their sizing can be occasionally tough to gauge, but $69? Really?


Check it out!: Hudson Nico Diamond Deco Jeans from Neiman Marcus, $69 (from $198?)

Probably watching Netflix.

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