Daily Deal: Hydraulic Motorcycle Jacket

Leather or leather-esque jackets probably don’t seem like something you want to think about right now, it being the middle of July and all – but I promise that thinking about faux leather jackets right now will totally pay off (literally).

Besides, we’re about to hit the part of summer where anything can happen. It could be 9,000 degrees for three straight weeks, or it could be warm for a week followed by a month of rain – you never know. That’s my excuse for ogling jackets, and I’m sticking to it.

Daily Deal: Hydraulic Motorcycle Jacket from Kohl's

Meet the Hydraulic Motorcycle Jacket(s). I can’t decide which I like more: the weathered, pewter-grey color with subtle hardware or the pearly-white with rose gold hardware… They’re both good, and I could really that light color look trampy (my favorite) but the grey would look cool all the time. All the time. No tramping necessary.

The other thing I wanted to point out about these jackets is the length. I have been on a rigorous jacket search for months now, having bought and returned some of my favorites due to length issues. These come all the way down to the hip bone – no surprise crop! Nothing is worse than trying to look cool and instead looking like you grabbed your 9 year old cousin’s jacket by mistake.

These are on extreme markdown right now at Kohl’s! The original price was $98, but you can snag one for only $19.60! As long as you can decide between them, anyway…

Check it out!: Hydraulic Moto Jacket from Kohl’s, $19.60