Daily Deal: Lauren Conrad Boyfriend Blazer

If you haven’t experienced LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s… surprisingly, I highly suggest you do so. Did I ever think I’d be recommending you consume something associated with Laguna Beach & trust fund kids? No, but I stand by it because the line is actually pretty awesome.

I have a blazer from one of the older LC Lauren Conrad collections (which I wore here), but it’s the same kind of casual feel as this boyfriend blazer, but not as long or sleek (nor in as many colors) as this one.

Daily Deal: LC Lauren Conrad Boyfriend Blazer

I really like that all of the colors available (other than black) are nice, muted tones that aren’t too graphic, but also aren’t totally boring. They don’t blend in with everything, but they’re not statement-making, either. Good jacket for times when you don’t know what jacket to wear. The answer is: this one!

It has a bit of a silky look to it, and I’m willing to bet that it feels pretty great, on. The one that I have is dry clean only (as is this one) but fits and feels like it was made for me. The girl knows her jackets, for sure.

Check it out!: LC Lauren Conrad Boyfriend Blazer, $24.99 at Kohl’s