Daily Deal: MKL Accessories Wasp Ring

The only place I like creepy-crawlies is cast  in metal and hanging off my body in one way or another.

I’ve long been a fan of bugs as jewelry, but I hadn’t seen a well-done bee until today:

MKL Accessories Wasp Ring

All the bees I usually see are sweet little caricatures of these winged beasts. Maybe you’re cool enough to not freeze when a wasp gets near you. I, on the other hand, close my eyes and start rapidly mutter-changing rational reasons why maybe the bee and I should not hang out right now.

Daily Deal: MKL Accessories Wasp RingEeesh, so gross. I love it.

My collection of odd statement rings has the perfect spot available… and it’s definitely wasp-shaped. (Which is good, since the size of this ring is listed as “lifesized.”) I am pretty interested in the manicure in the model photo, too… This wasp looks lovely with mint and brass.

Check it out!: MKL Accessories Wasp Ring, $9.95

Probably watching Netflix.

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