Daily Deal: Ouija (Laundry?) Tote Bag

What’s more fun that blending in with the creepers at the laundromat? I did it, myself, just recently and have to say that it was a disappointingly normal experience.

Except for the part where I brought my laundry there in duffel bags and suitcases. I’d prefer not to do that again.

I have one laundry bag, and it’s decent, but it was more of a utility-buy when I was living out of my car a couple of years ago. Since I live with my boyfriend, more laundry bags are always welcome. He has more clothes than I do, somehow.

Daily Deal: Ouija Board Tote Bag

(It just occurred to me that some people reading might not resonate with this because they are spoiled rotten and have fancy laundry machines inside their house. Well, I don’t care. /bitter)

This is a nice sized bag, too. 16″x16″ and has some space for expansion. Just look at this hardly-visible woman!

Daily Deal: Ouija Board Laundry Tote

See? Enormous. She’s actually sitting in the bag – a testament to its durability!

Do you think this would sufficiently creep up my laundromat experience? Can I be the creepy one? …Are Ouija boards still creepy? I just assumed because, you know. Dead people and stuff.

Well, if that doesn’t work out, this bag could be used for carrying other things, I suppose. Maybe you could carry your board game collection in it? Books about typography? Your family photo albums?

I’m sticking with laundry.

Check it out!: United Couture Ouija board Tote, $17.95

  • I think this bag is awesome! Probably the best laundry bag ever.

  • YES! I need this!