Daily Deal: Oxblood Tuxedo Pants

Oxblood aka maroon aka burgundy aka dark red is a pretty quintessential fall color, for me. Truth be told, it’s a year round color for me because the only thing that really changes about my style from season to season is the number of layers I’m wearing. So these skinny oxblood tuxedo pants are definitely “investment” worthy at $20.

Style&Co Oxblood Tuxedo Pants

The tuxedo stripe is more of a panel, but there are few things I love more than dark, oddly-panelled, skinny jeans. I like that they appear to have a pretty tall rise, too – the closer to my actual waist we can get, the better off we all are.

Check it out!: Style&Co. Oxblood Tuxedo Pants, $19.99 at Macy’s