Daily Deal: Polka Dot Draped Wrap Shirt

Wrap shirts have kind of a crappy reputation with a lot of people. Some immediately associate the idea with the ubiquitous and thus somewhat boring wrap dress, a la Diane Von Furstenberg… But I have been seeing wrap-related clothing being done in some interesting, drape-y ways lately, and I’m thinking that I could be into it.



See what I mean? It’s a draped wrap top, and it looks ridiculously comfortable, but also not at all boring.

Charlotte Russe Polka Dot Wrap Top

I like that the back has a shirt-tail hem, too. That’s what that’s called, right? Scoopy-back part? Anyway, I like it because I am a definite tuck-into-the-front person who isn’t really keen on the bunching that the back and sides of a shirt can experience during said tucking.

Plus, polka dots. I mean, who isn’t into polka dots at least a little bit?

Check it out!: Polka Dot Wrap Blouse, $8.99 at Charlotte Russe