Daily Deal: Portolano Cashmere Gloves

Cashmere is something I have only in small quantities. I have a cashmere beanie somewhere, and I think I literally have a patch of cashmere on something else I own… But outside of that, I definitely consider myself to be perpetually low on cashmere.

Gloves are something that I think cashmere is definitely suited for, provided you never do anything messy or excessively wet. Like cleaning off baby seals in an oil spill would not be a suitable use for cashmere gloves. Examples of things you can do: sitting, or driving, or shopping, or typing in a freezing cold office. Or you could just sit around your house and wear them while touching your own face. All are equally acceptable uses of cashmere gloves.

Portolano Cashmere Gloves

Portolano is a brand that has been rolling in cashmere for over 100 years, and helped create the reputation that Italian gloves now boast.

So these being on sale for under $20 is a pretty sweet deal.

Check it out!: Portolano Cashmere Gloves, $19.50

** They also come in grey!