Daily Deal: Quilted Varsity Jacket

The whole “Varsity Jacket”/college jacket/whatever thing never really made sense to me. It popped up a couple of years ago (I first saw Lady Gaga wearing one, which was of course Gaga-ed out to the max) and, while I kind of understand why you’d want one covered in awesome spikes and stuff, I didn’t really see why the plain ones held mcuh appeal. I’m obviously not a very “country club” type of costume-wearer, so the varsity jacket idea was  just kind of wafting over my head, just out of reach.

And then I saw something called a “quilted varsity jacket” that didn’t have stupid letters on it, or leather – just soft quilt-y green.

Daily Deal: Quilted Varsity JacketOkay, so there are no spikes, but I think we can agree that it’s probably for the best, right? One solid color, lots of cozy texture, and a simple shape are all things I can get behind.

It’s 100% cotton and therefore machine washable, which rules. There are two larger sizes available (L & XL) which may bum you out if you’re a medium, but I can’t help but crave a hoodie to layer under this. Going a little size up would really make this an ultra-plush option for winter.

Check it out!: Khaki Quilted Varsity Jacket, $21 at Dorothy Perkins


Probably watching Netflix.

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