Daily Deal: Sephora Nail Lacquers – $1 Each

There is no better high than the rush you get off of finding something marked down to one dollar. Oh man, I can feel it a little bit just thinking about it… A full-sized, decent-quality item… a dollar. One dollar. Four quarters. Barely a scrape of the old bank account. You can find enough money for this item in the bottom of your purse, or under the seat of your car.

Daily Deal: Sephora One Dollar Nail Polish

“How much is this bottle of Sephora Nail Polish?”


“One? Just one dollar?”


“Not more than that? I can hand you this one dollar bill and that’s enough?”


“Got it. So, how many dollars, total?”

“Get out of the store.”


Check it out!: Sephora Collection Nail Polish (16 colors available), One Fucking Dollar

Whoa! These sold out quick. Sorry if you missed this deal! Check out the other Daily Deals, or see more nail goodies from The Sephora Collection.

Probably watching Netflix.