Daily Deal: Sephora x Pantone Emerald Lid Stain

According to the many reviews I’ve read online: this stuff is pretty great. Countless beauty bloggers have named it as their favorite product from the Sephora x Pantone line, and after reading about it, I can see why.

Pantone x Sephora Lid Stain in Emerald

This lid stain (I do love me a stain) can be used as an eyeliner or lid-covering-shadow-type-thing. Obviously, it’s way shiny and way not-subtle, so I’d probably use it as an eyeliner.

I also read that this stuff is way creamier than most products that come in these little pots. Leesha from xSparkage said that you need to be careful not to get too much product on your brush, which is easy to do. That appeals to me, because there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to apply a cream liner that is way too thick and unmanageable.

Pantone Emerald Lid Stain

Photo: Blushing Noir

If you’re into the idea of trying out some bold, literal-jewel tones for fall, now would be the perfect time to pick this item up because it’s 40% off its original price of $16 and is available for only $9!

Check it out!: Sephora x Pantone Emerald Lid Stain, $9 at Sephora

To see some more pics and read the full [excellent] reviews of this unique pot o’ green, check out these sites:

  • I have to admit I’d be afraid of the scrubbing it would take to get a lid “stain” off my eye. Eek!

  • Aneeta21

    OMG, This is so beautiful!