Daily Deal: Skull Print Scarf

Walking around H&M yesterday, I fell deeply in love with a scarf. It involved running, and unfolding and a lot of mouth-agape faces at my boyfriend. After carrying the scarf around for 15 minutes, I decided to buy it. Of course, within that 15 minutes, the entire population of downtown Seattle came into the store, grabbed 17 items each, and promptly got in line.


H&M Skull Print Scarf

Now that H&M is online, I don’t have to stand in line if there are 15,000 people in it – I can go home and ogle it for another day, or I can just buy the damn thing.

H&M Skull Print Scarf

I’m not sure if I’m going back for it, or buying it off H&M’s website… but I will have it and it will be mine.

Oh yes.

It will be mine.

Check it out!: H&M Skull Print Scarf, $9.95


  • So cute but so creepy. In other words, perfect.