Daily Deal: Striped Boyfriend Cardigan

I’ve always had an affinity for rugby stripes. Stripes, particularly in sweater form, have the extraordinary ability to de-formal-ize whatever you’re wearing without making it look sloppy.

Boyfriend cardigans have been on the scene for a few years, and the fact that they’re still around is definitely indicative of their comfort and versatility. Their length is what differentiates them from a traditional sweater, which can look conservative really easily. I’m not really into conservative unless there is a super-contrasting theme, like… boudoir lace! I’d wear something conservative if it was made from satin and lace. Get my drift?

So boyfriend cardigans are kind of like the luxurious bathrobe of cardigans. Something you can wear over other things to change up your look a little bit and also stay warmer during the winter.

Target boyfriend cardigan

Lately, boyfriend cardigans have been seen topping everything from sequin dresses to super classic basics – definitely improving both. I’m wondering if there’s anything a long cardigan can’t do when it comes to making you a) look better and b) more comfortable.

Check it out!: Merona Striped Boyfriend Cardigan, $18.74 at Target