Daily Deal: Striped Raglan Dress

This dress is a little bit casual, a little bit formal… AKA a good way to trick people into thinking you put effort into “dressing up” for something when all you did was put on a dress with multiple personalities.

Mesh Sleeve Raglan Dress

I am a big fan of stripes, and a big fan of sheer but my favorite part of this dress is the length. I also happen to believe, as a person with narrow shoulders, that baseball-style sleeves (raglan sleeves) are maybe the most shoulder-flattering sleeves you can wear, if you’re into shoulder-flattery. I think wearing this dress with black tights would be a really graphic and bold way to use this dress to its full potential.

I’d also be tempted to throw a sweater over the top, and use the striped bottom as if it were a basic pencil skirt. For that matter, you could probably put another skirt over the bottom and use the cool-looking top as… a top. Clothes on clothes?! What a crazy, mixed up world we live in.

Check it out!: Striped Raglan Dress with Sheer Sleeves, $15 at Charlotte Russe