Daily Deal: Studded Faux Leather Gloves

Gloves seem like they’re quickly becoming an antiquated accessory. You don’t really see people with driving gloves anymore, and you definitely don’t see evening gloves unless there’s a homecoming dance nearby or you have a whole lot of money and fancy friends in which case congratulations on taking your first step towards changing that by reading this blog! 

Your impending financial collapse, aside… I have a formal request to make to my generation: I think we should bring gloves back.

The look of a pair of leather(-esque) gloves under a tailored wool jacket is something that I’ll never get sick of. There are other people who feel this way (Michelle Obama knows what’s up) but I feel like the younger generations are kind of missing the point of gloves that aren’t knit or fingerless. Both of those things are fine – but there’s an elegance that you get with well made, tailored gloves that you can’t really get from an oddly-stretchy, knit glove made from acrylic plastic.

ZARA Studded Faux Leather GlovesYou know what goes well with gloves? Studs.

I love how over the top these are. Black faux leather is hardcore enough, the studs put them on another level of dramatic. But then, the short length of the gloves is super, super dainty. That’s the kind the kind of extreme contrast that I am totally addicted to. The studs are dark in color, though, so if you’re not ready to flash your contradiction-loving statement studs around, they’ll remain subtle enough to be a mysterious detail to an otherwise basic glove.

As if all of this glove-induced excitement wasn’t enough, it gets better. Hopefully you got some early bonuses or distant-relative-gifts (cash) to spend on yourself because ZARA is having a sale right now, and it’s pretty damn good. These gloves are included, as well as about one billion other beautiful pieces. Also, free shipping over $50!

 Check it out!: Studded Faux Leather Gloves, $12.99 at ZARA

  • Aneeta21

    I love the leather gloves! I have a black, pink and red one. I bought my favourite black leather gloves on a hungarian handcraft market from his maker :)