Daily Deal: Sweater Print Duvet

Sweater Print Duvet: three words that seem out of order, backwards, and just generally wrong. But add in the idea of a photographic print of a sweater, and things start to make sense.

sweater print duvet h&m

If you’re trying to set up a neutral-but-not-boring base for your bedroom, this would be it. (I’m projecting. I need this for me, and I’m making it sound like it’s for you. Sorry.) I like the idea of a bed that isn’t necessarily the focus of the bed…room. I want to hang stuff on the walls, and I want that to be interesting. Shit, I want the wall color to be interesting. More interesting than eggshell or whatever awful standard apartment color is.

I don’t know how many people have twin beds anymore, but for this price, it’s kind of ridiculous not to grab it for your guest bed, or even your couch-dwellers. Since it’s a duvet, it doesn’t take up that much room, and having extra blankets is always paramount for me because they are a one-time payment while monthly heating bills are not.

Check it out!: Sweater Print Duvet, $17.95 at H&M

Probably watching Netflix.