Daily Deal: The Perfect Black Floral Dress

Who isn’t at least mildly obsessed with floral patterns right now? I kill ever plant that gets near me, and I’m starting to think that’s why I prefer the cloth-emblazoned form of botany. Can’t kill a dress! (Well… You can, but those are stories for another day.)

I’ve been like a hanger in heat today, sifting through thousands of dresses for hours on end. I’m not kidding – I’m on hour five of “I can’t get enough dresses” and I’m only barely remembering to eat all of the snacks in the house. Barely.

…Yeah, it hasn’t been a real productive day, what can I say?

Dorothy Perkins Warm Floral Dress

After many, many minutes spent swimming in the craving-rich stock at Dorothy Perkins, this jumped out at me. It’s not super flashy, and it’s not covered in sequins (as I prefer most of my clothes to be), but something about it makes perfect sense.

The fact that it was marked down $12 also helped me covet.

Check it out: Billie & Blossom Black Floral Dress from Dorothy Perkins, $45

Probably watching Netflix.

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