Daily Deal: Tildon Puff Sleeve Top

The easiest things to wear are the basics that don’t really look like basics. Offbeat basics are what I usually call them, but they don’t necessarily have to be outrageous or odd – just basic… but not really.

Tildon Puff Sleeve Top

I’m not a fan of shoulder pads, but I am a fan of a small amount of volume around there. I have narrow shoulders, so the proportional shift that puff shoulders adds creates a totally different shape on my upper body, which is cool. Plus, this top by Tildon is so freaking basic that it won’t compete with whatever else I have going on. It also apparently looks good with other weird basics, like asymmetrical leather miniskirts.

I will shamelessly steal ideas from product photos forever, sorry not sorry.

Check it out!: Tildon Puff Sleeve Top, $23.98 at Nordstrom

  • Shelley Johnson

    Adorable! And great price for Nordstrom.