Daily Deal: Tinley Road Peplum Top

I’m just starting to warm up to peplums… now that they’ve been prominent in fashion for months and months. The closest I’ve gotten to embracing peplums, though, was when I tried on a shirt similar to this one a few months ago.

Daily Deal: Tinley Road Puff Sleeve Peplum Top

It was easy, loose, and had longer sleeves, but there was no tightness, no cinching, no fitted-ness to worry about. Just seams, sleeves, and a fluffy peplum that just kind of hung there. It was a lazy peplum, I guess, and I liked it. Sometimes, you just want to wear clothes without having to think about them, and knowing you look damn good doing it? That’s pretty priceless, if you ask me.

This one is great because the color is vibrant, but not trendy at all – it’s freaking blue! Cobalt blue, no less, and it serves as the perfect, hyper-saturated color splash in your closet. Plus, since this is a “lazy peplum,” you can wear it with other lazy clothes like jeggings, skinny jeans, tube skirts, or whatever! Jewelry or not, who cares? Lazy peplum rules.

Check it out!: Tinley Road Puff Sleeve Peplum Top, $22.97