Daily Deal: Tinley Road Faux Leather Cutout Dress

I know, I know – it’s been a steady stream of faux leather lately, and I promise it’ll let up soon. There’s just something about August that makes me excited for the upcoming months when thinking about leather gloves won’t make me sweat and shove my hands in the freezer.

But I saw this dress, and found it to be noteworthy. How? It’s the only garment I’ve ever seen that could be described as both “with cutouts” and “not awful.”

You see, I’m not a cutout fan. I think they are weird and strange and why show the side of your ribcage? Or back? Or hip, etc.? What do you think is over there that’s so interesting you need to rip off a piece of your lovely dress in order to expose it? I mean, if you have a perfectly placed tattoo or, God forbid, you got a tattoo that would appear flawlessly through a weird cutout – maybe. But for me, they look kind of cheap and I would be afraid of bugs crawling into them because I’m weird like that and have long hair (if you’ve had long hair, you know what I mean). No, thanks.

Tinley Road Vegan Cutout Dress

But this cutout, I can deal with. Maybe it’s because it’s in the front, where I can keep my bug-monitoring in check, but regardless, I like the shape and the projected versatility of it.

Plus, black and white make up about 60% of my wardrobe, so this is a safe pick, for me. Safe but dangerous! Cutouts! Edges! Er, edgy.

I’m getting old.

Check it out!: Tinley Road Faux Leather Cutout Dress, $16.97

Probably watching Netflix.