Daily Deal: TokyoMilk Solid Perfume

Solid perfume is one of my irrational addictions, right up there with blank notebooks and coffee. There’s something about having the ability to smell awesome at a moment’s notice that I really like. I am not a girl with a thousand perfume bottles in her bedroom, but I might be the girl with at least 3 things that smell good in my purse at all times.

TokyoMilk Solid Perfume


I’ve wanted to cover myself in TokyoMilk products at many a boutique juncture in my life. There’s something about their combinations that’s both kind of feminine but also really, really intriguing. Sometimes off-putting in a really sexy way, if that makes sense. Maybe that’s just the feeling I get after I spend 15 minutes smelling bottle after bottle… Either way, I like it and I don’t know why.

Scarlett Plum, the scent featured today, is said to have notes of hyacinth, geranium, rose and “Oriental” spices. It also comes in really, really good packaging, which I have to admit is helping me want to own this really badly right now.

Check it out!: TokyoMilk Solid Perfume in Scarlett Plum, $12 at Last Call