Daily Deal: Upcycled Water Glasses

Can you ever have enough cheeky juice/water classes? The answer is no.

Nine times out of ten, I’m lugging my big 32oz. Nalgene around the house to hydrate myself, but on the off-chance I ever want to let people in my house for, say, socializing – I will likely not offer them a Nalgene of water. That just seems kind of uncreative.

I found these upcycled water glasses at Nordstrom and instantly fell in love with their water-appreciative designs.

Upcycled Water GlassesThey’re actually refashioned wine bottles that have had their heads chopped off and subsequently been given a new life. I love how simple the shape is because it really allows the beautiful “labels” to shine.

…These were made for cheap wine, though, let’s be real.

Check it out!: ‘Upcycle’ Juice Glasses (Set of 4) at Nordstrom, $20