Daily Deal: Vintage-Style V-Necks for $5

As a lazy person and layer-monster, v-neck t-shirts have the majority stake in my basics drawer. I am partial to grey and heathered colors, but when they’re $5 – I just like t-shirts.

Old Navy Vintage V-neck Tees - $5

There are about 15 colors available, but not all of them are $5.

The pastel colors are $4.97, there are some striped shirts and solids for $5, and the rest (6 colors) are a whopping $7.50. Yeah. An extra $2.50 – what a heartbreaker.

Here’s a list of the available colors:

  • Medium Gray ($7.50)
  • Navy Blue ($7.50)
  • Black ($7.50)
  • Pink ($7.50)
  • Green ($7.50)
  • Red ($7.50)
  • Purple ($5)
  • Navy Striped ($5)
  • White ($5)
  • Charcoal ($5)
  • Neon Orange ($4.97)
  • Neon Purple ($4.97)
  • Pale Blue ($4.97)

I like to wear these with some kind of insane pants or shoes, since they’re so perfectly boring. The vintage-style promises to be a bit softer and thinner than your average, uh, modern? t-shirt, which I prefer. Also, wearing something vintage-style is just as cool as wearing something vintage, right?

That’s what I thought.

Check it out!: Old Navy Vintage Style V-Neck T-Shirts, $4.97-$7.50

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