Daily Deal: Whirly Glass Hanging Candles

Whenever I move out of the inner-city and get a place with a yard, it is going to be covered in hanging lights.

Whirly Glass Hanging Candle Holders

You can hang them, mount them, drop them (I mean, from the ceiling on a cord…) – they look good. They give a warm boost to any environment – especially in dimly lit, intimate areas. (Wow, that sounded way saucier than I ever intended for it to.)

Whirly Glass Hanging Candle Holder - Outdoor/indoor

Check it out: Whirly Hanging Candle Holders, $4.95 each at CB2

These little guys are a perfect size at 5.25″ in diameter (that’s like a medium head of cabbage!) and are crafted from handmade glass. They can hold one tea light/tea candle – don’t try to shove more in there! You can use the top loop to hang from beams, bows, or balconies… it’s up to you!

Here are some more clever ways to use these around your home:

I can think of so many ways to use these – I particularly like the idea of hanging them over a social space!