Daily Deal: Wide Metal Statement Belt

After yesterday’s perfect little black dress experience, I started thinking about an important quality of budget-friendly wardrobes: versatility.

In order to make the most of your closet, versatility needs to be at the forefront. Typically, that means acquiring lots of excellent, timeless basics plus a few statement pieces… and lots of accessories.

Mixing and matching accessories and basics can turn a 10-piece-wardrobe into a 50-outfit-wardrobe. Throwing on a scarf, topping a look with a sweater or simply adding a belt can completely transform yesterday’s outfit into something that no one will recognize.

Especially if it’s a megalith, statement belt like this one from ASOS:

ASOS Wide Plate Elastic Waist Belt

Look at it.

It’s like a shield that could double as a weapon. By “statement,” I clearly mean “statement of badassery.”

Another bonus: it’s stretchy, so if you’re in the middle of a life-changing body overhaul or a mid-year All The Pizza-fest, you’re going to be able to rock this. It comes in S/M and M/L with snaps in the back, so as long as you can touch the small of your back, you can wear the crap out of this belt.

And this time, thereĀ really is free shipping. (About yesterday: I’m sorryyyyyy.)

Check it out!: Wide Plate Elastic Waist Belt from ASOS, $13.58


Probably watching Netflix.

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