Daily Deal: Zoya’s BOGO Event

Back to school time means that every single one of the fashion & style brands out there are going to be vying for your attention with all kinds of shiny sales, clearance events, and free stuff.

I’m am so okay with that.

Zoya is a fantastic company that makes excellent, non-toxic nail polish. I have several colors from them, and all of them are green. I don’t know how it happened, but I can definitely vouch for their green polishes. Top notch! I assume the rest of the color spectrum is great, as well.

Back to school for Zoya means buy one get one FREE. Yeah, free – none of that namby-pamby 50% off crap – just free. And that’s for every color.

Zoya Back to School BOGO

You know how important nail polish is to adolescent education. Even if you’re old like me, pretend you’re going back school or have seen one within the last decade…! I’m eyeing the Pixie Dust line, which I’ve been curious about and coveting since it debuted. Each bottle of Pixie Dust is $9 and most other colors are $8.

You’re limited to 6 free polishes (so 12 total) and the sale ends on Sunday night (8/25!), so if you want in, now’s the time!

Check it out: ZOYA BOGO Sale! Code: SCHOOL